The Videos

The Healthy Are We Video Series is a collection of 6 videos that over each section of the book in an easy

to follow lesson. See the videos below.

Part 1 | Healthy are We: In Body, Mind, and Spirit

We, as women, have unique health concerns that we can address together. Together we will learn the basic body facts and how our minds and spirits can make all the difference in our bodies’ health. Together, women can help each other improve the health of ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Part 2 | Healthy Are We: Our Whole Lives

Every stage of life has new choices, new thoughts, and even a new body. Your body, mind, and spirit grow and develop throughout your life. It is healthiest to see life’s changes as growing opportunities. A few important stages of life are childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and elder years. Each stage brings new health concerns and many new decisions to make.

Part 3 | Healthy Are We: Everyday of the Month

The menstrual cycle all happens because the lining of the uterus needs to shed its tissue and blood in order to make a new lining every month. Every month when we begin menstruating, an egg cell also called an ovum - which is smaller than a pencil point - makes a journey from the ovary where it was formed into the uterus.

Part 4 | Healthy Are We: Even When We Are Sick

We all get sick. Women, however, because of our anatomy can get infections more easily than men. Also, because of our menstrual cycles, we get menstrual cramps that make us feel sick. We will talk specifically about both of these discomforts and how to help yourself avoid sickness and what to do when you feel this way.

Part 5 | Healthy Are We: With Proper Care

The choice of what menstrual product to use is an important one. There are financial concerns, emotional and cultural concerns, and availability concerns. There are many choices when it comes to menstrual products. Every type of product has pros, or (good things), and cons, or (bad things), about them.

Part 6 | Healthy Are We: As Powerful Women

Many women feel shame surrounding menstruation. This shame leads to negative beliefs about menstruation. Shame is a useless feeling. We cannot control others actions; but remember, we can control our thoughts that produce our feelings.